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Computer Science & IT




0 – 10 employees

Cerres is looking for a Junior Software Developer who can work on the Oracle platform.
Key skills required are SQL, PL/SQL and web technologies such as HTML/XML/Javascript.  No prior experience necessary but programming aptitude and good communications essential.

About Cerres

Cerres is a systems development consultancy which delivers leading technical solutions world-wide. With over twenty years development experience using the Oracle tool-set on a variety of platforms, it has built a reputation for the successful delivery of innovative, high-quality systems on time and within budget. 

About the role

Cerres' projects have to be completed within agreed timescales and so an organised, focussed approach to work is essential.  

Cerres delivers mission-critical systems to a manufacturing facility so software reliability is critical to its customer's business and therefore keen attention to detail is essential to ensure that the company delivers quality software that works first time.

Cerres' software is built around an Oracle DBMS with a web based front end, so for all applicants, knowledge of a database and SQL would be useful as would some experience of web development.

Most of Cerres' developers are Masters graduates in Computer Science or a related discipline however, it also considers graduates from other disciplines who can demonstrate a technical aptitude and a working knowledge of programming, more so if they can have strong soft-skills.  Developers who can establish a good rapport with customers is a real asset to the business.

Cerres is looking for Developers who also recognise the value in keeping up to date with technology trends.

Change is now a constant!  Cerres' customers are continually changing in response and anticipation of new opportunities, new legislation, improved work practices, new equipment and new technology. It needs to be flexible to accommodate changes to specifications, plans and customer's priorities while continuing to deliver work according to spec and within agreed timescales. Sometimes Cerres is asked to solve difficult problems with challenging constraints so a can-do attitude is essential.

Cerres is keen to promote a good work-life balance and we discourage a long-hours culture.  Its experience is that this provides our business with enthusiastic and committed staff who feel valued and treated fairly.

If this sounds of interest, Cerres looks forward to hearing from you.