Remote working considered


Computer Science & IT


Managerial / Senior


51 – 200 employees

Come and work for Opencast! We pride ourselves on empowering our people, providing real value to our clients by delivering sustainable software solutions with long lasting benefits. We place personal growth and development at the heart of our business, and we give our people the autonomy to own their role and be an expert in their field.

We are seeking a passionate, dynamic and forward-thinking Lead DevOps Engineer, who can help us transform our major clients. We would like you to be passionate about technology and an advocate of agile, XP practices and the benefits associated with these. You will be open minded, ready to go and happy to learn new technologies. 

Skills and experience that we are looking for:

•    Extensive experience in using, operating, patching and securing Linux operating systems like RHEL.

•    Extensive experience in using configuration management software like Puppet or Ansible and scripting languages like BASH, Perl or Python

•    Extensive experience of deploying, supporting and patching public, cloud-based applications that are repeatable, scalable, resilient and highly available (including APIs and microservices) e.g., Amazon Web Services

•    Extensive experience of modifying and maintaining systems and code developed by other engineers.

•    Experience of leading DevOps Engineers in a complex, multi- disciplinary environment, delivering products within specific timescales and engaging with multiple senior stakeholders.

•    Experience of deploying and supporting API platforms as an enabler for API re-use

•    Knowledge of Kong would be advantageous

•    Test-first approach to ensure all aspects of the service and infrastructure are robust, minimising the risk of any outages for consumers

•    Significant and demonstrable experience in using provisioning tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation.

•    Significant and demonstrable experience with continuous integration and delivery tools like GitLab CI.

•    Significant and demonstrable experience of clustering and load balancing applications and services, like NGINX.

•    Significant and demonstrable experience working with distributed version control systems like Git.

•    Significant and demonstrable experience of static code analysis and security tools like SonarQube or Checkmarx.

•    Significant and demonstrable experience working with collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence and Slack.

•    Experience in modifying and maintaining systems and code developed by other engineers.

•    Experience deploying repeatable, scalable, resilient and highly available HTTP services, including APIs and micro services.

•    Experience with virtualisation and container-based technologies like Docker.

•    Demonstrable experience of DevSecOps principles and security automation tools.

•    Can identify and implement Continuous-Integration and Continuous-Delivery best practices.

Qualities we are looking for:

•    Strong communication and collaboration skills to aid breaking down silos, building connections and relieving bottlenecks

•    A people person who can bring employees together across multiple disciplines to work towards a common goal

•    Passionate and pro-active approach to all aspects of the role

•    Desire to learn new tools, technologies, services and techniques on a daily basis

•    Curiosity, flexibility, self-motivation and empathy